About Us

People with vision

Wikus Bierman founded the Bierman Group in 2001 when he opened his first practice in Kraaifontein.

He worked hard to create a safe place for people with a passion for optometry. The fact that some of our earliest hires are still here, is proof that his hard work paid off. The practice was so well received and supported that Wikus decided to open second one a few years later, this time in Vredendal. And the rest, as they say, was history. The Bierman Group now consists of 23 practices, with most of them run by partners.

Shared values

Each store is unique, but we all share the same values:

  1. World-class eye care. All practitioners are HPCSA registered and passionate about optometry.
  2. High quality eye wear. We stock a wide range of spectacles, sun glasses and frames.
  3. Single-minded service. We work hard to make sure every patient feels welcome and comfortable when they visit our practices.